A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a short and simple game about exploring 3D environment in realistic period setting. The game is currently unfinished and will receive updates.

Here is a short video from the game on my twitter.

This game is about wandering around city streets, exploring the atmosphere, listening to sounds. Spend as much or as little time in game as you like. There is no endpoint, no gameplay challenge. In video game terms, this software can be described as an "empty level" or a "walking simulator".

This game visuals are inspired by 20th century european history: the drab reality of life behind the iron curtain. See what the atmosphere of everyday life in Czechoslovakia might have been like sometime in the early 1980s. The environment is modeled after old derelict buildings I photographed in Prague between 2017-2020. While the urbanscape is left in its contemporary condition, with graffitied facades and modern details, these structures were chosen for their state of decay is closely reminiscent to what european cities in Eastern Bloc were like. This comparison will later be supported in-game with a display of real-life photographs.

Download is free and available down below.


  • Look with mouse.
  • Move with arrow keys or W S A D.
  • Pause with Esc.
  • Press C to save image of the screen to desktop (new folder will be created).
  • Alternatively, use mouse only. Left mouse button moves player forward. Right mouse button pauses time and shows menu. Middle mouse is same as E key.


Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, Audacity 2.2.0, Blender 2.8, Google Cloud Text-to-Speech, Unity 2018.2.7f1 Personal, EZ Camera Shake, Living Birds. With help from: answers.unity.com, forum.unity.com. Font credits: Alte Haas Grotesk, Fruktur. Sound credits: BBC Sound Effects, Marek Biliński: Po Drugiej Stronie Świata. Photography: LG Nexus 5X, Nokia 7.1. Not all credits yet listed.

Updated 18 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorJiri Mandak
Made withBlender, Adobe Photoshop, Bosca Ceoil, Unity, Audacity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Exploration, First-Person, Short, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesCzech, English
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Unpleasant Situation.exe 320 MB
Unpleasant Situation.zip 348 MB
Unpleasant Situation.app.zip 358 MB

Install instructions

On Windows a single .exe file is downloaded. Run the file. A Windows Defender window might show up, saying the program is of unknown source, click More info, then Run anyway. A loading window will show up (loading might be slow, this will be changed), then the game will start.

The downloaded file looks like this: 


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Where is the car that is driveable? And what key do you press to enter it?

Right now it's the blue car in parking lot infront of the building with elevator (go right and turn right from where the game starts, then on the left). Press E or mouse wheel when near it.


Just had a walk around. Love the graphics and the cars! would love to be able to drive the cars :)


Thank you! A certain car there is drivable :)

i wanna play this later